Professional Pest Control Services In Ostego And its Surrounding Areas.

1-800-BUG-GUYS have been working for many years to control and eradicate pests from your homes, industries, institutes, and commercial areas.  We have an ample amount of knowledge of pests and we use the latest technology with ultra-modern equipment and tools.  If you want your area or surroundings pests free then please make us a call at 1-800-BUG-GUYS  (1-800-284-4897).

Residential Pest Control Services

Home is a place where we can find world peace, don’t let those stingy and disastrous bugs to disturb your peace.  They can extremely harm the places or areas where you live and totally made them poisonous by spreading certain diseases.  If you find one and want to kick them out of your home then give us a call at 1-800-BUG-GUYS  (1-800-284-4897).  We provide fast and reliable residential pest control services.

Our Residential Pest Control Services include:

  • Lawn Treatment
  •  Pest Control
  • Attic Insulation

Commercial Pest Control Services

Huge amount of people visit commercial areas like hotels, restaurants, airports, hospitals and offices on daily basis, so they must be 100% free of pests.  In other cases our commercial pest control service is just around the corner.  We will totally exterminate all the pests in no time.  Our team of experts will kick them out and they will never reach your workplace again in the future.

Our Commercial Pest Control Services Include:

  • Pest Extermination
  • Critter Control
  • Pest Prevention

Industrial Pest Control Services

Existence of pests in any industrial set up is obvious.  A minor negligence may cost you a huge loss.  You must take some serious actions to make your business out of the reach of pests.  Call us same-day and get our proficient assistance for the extermination of pests.  We use up-to-date equipment and tools and provide top-quality services to our customers.  Our skilled team have hands-on experience in pest control services.  So what are you waiting for? Pick up a phone and call us at 1-800-BUG-GUYS  (1-800-284-4897) for the complete eradication of pests.

Institutional Pest Control

Pests can be seen everywhere, be it a school, college or university, chances are that you definitely find pest hiding in several places or rooms.  So to avoid the loss of reputation of your institute you must provide a clean and safe environment to the students.  So to completely take them out from your institute, make us a call right now for the safety and security of students and teachers at 1-800-BUG-GUYS  (1-800-284-4897).